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Ayurvedic Arogya Bhavan - About Us


Ayurvedic Arogya Bhavan specializes in treatments for ailments such as arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, numbness, gastric complaints, rheumatism, obesity and chronic constipation.
We offer all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments. Some of the treatments are inpatient and outpatient. 

But some are strictly inpatient treatments.  

Also along with ayurvedic procedures we render services in yoga and naturopathy: consultation with certified yoga instructor and also yoga classes. We also offer color therapy sessions, acupressure sessions. Thus we provide many kinds of alternative and complimentary depending on the needs of the patients.

We provide inpatient treatment which includes every day consultation, comfortable stay, natural blend diet which is based on Ayurvedic guidelines for a particular disease, treatment procedures and free prakruti (constitution) assessment and under continuous monitoring of a doctor to give the best possible benefits of treatment. This inpatient stay includes every day examination by the chief physician Dr. Vijaybhai Vaidya and Dr. Hetal Vaidya.

Moreover, every year more than 9000 patients who are from poor sections of the society, are given free treatment by the hospital.




Origin of Ayurvedas

Ayurveda Origin

Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science is originated from one of the four division of "Vedas" i.e. 'Atharva Veda`. Ayurveda has honourable, holistic background of Indian culture. Ayurveda, the science of life. Ayurveda, the science of medical truths from ancient India based on science, religion and philosophy.
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Doctors Profile

doctor profile

Doctors Profile

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What our Healthy and Satisfied Patients have to say about Ayurvedic Arogya Bhavan.
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Lord Dhanvantri

Lord Dhanvantri

Dr, Vaidya

Our Address:
Ayurvedic Arogya Bhavan
Sindhwai Mata Road, PratapNagar,
Vadodara - 390004.
Phone No : 0265 - 2638389
Hours of Operation:
Monday to Saturday 09:00 AM TO 12:00 PM
               16:00 PM TO 19:00 PMSunday Closed

Information for Patients

The Inpatient treatments at Ayurvedic Arogya Bhavan:

1. Full course of Panchkarma : this is an extensive procedure which is meant for cleansing the whole body. It includes 5 different procedures- Vaman, Virechan, Nasya, Anuvasan basti and Asthapan basti. Along with snehan and swedan. This is usually 15 – 21 days procedure depending on the needs.

2. Rechak nasya
3. Kuti prayoga

There are many procedures which are inpatient and outpatient:

1. Snehan
2. Swedan of different kinds like sarvang seka, pottali seka ( with herbs or sand), Shasti Sali seka
3. Sarvang dhara
4. Shiro dhara
5. Shiro basti
6. Janu basti
7. Akshi tarpana
8. Bandharan

Our Speciality

Special Ailments whose successful cure we have done over the years:

Heart Disease,Neurological Disorders,Infertility,Arthretis,Skin Disease.Weight Loss,Paralysis and counting